Doomsday of a year

Find the correct doomsday for the given year

How to play:

You will be presented a year. Your task is to find the correct weekday for which all doomsdays are in the given year. You must apply several of the techniques that you have learned through the previous games in order to pull this off.

Learn the theory in depth

The steps are as follows:

Find the anchor day

Determine the anchor day for the date

Multiples of 12

Find the highest multiple of 12 for the last two digits of the year.

Modulo 12

Finding the remainder when the last two digits of the year are divided by 12.

Count of fours

The final number to keep in mind is the count of fours within our modulo 12 result

Sum and modulo 7

Now, it’s time to combine the numbers we’ve collected and use the modulo 7 operation to determine the Doomsday of the given year.